Friday, 26 August 2011

Pipe Clay Positive Effects in Acne Treatment

For an Acne treatment some can pay a lot of money in solutions that may not always have the desirable results. In fact, some of the chemical solutions that people use can cause the acne to go from bad to worse.
Natural acne solutions can sometimes have the same effect, if the treatment is not used right and the Acne treatment applied has a high acidic content, like orange juice used for facial mask against vulgaris acne for Acne treatment.

The safest way to treat acne by natural remedies is pipe clay. Because of its minerals and basic ph, it neutralizes some of the stronger natural Acne treatment. The orange juice is used for a high sebum secretion. Its main role is to balance the face's grease. However, such a skin can be covered with multiple acne and very sensitive. Pipe clay and orange juice can clean efficient your skin, if mixed in the right quantities for Acne solutions. Acne solutions based on pipe clay are not very difficult to find, but the best Acne treatment to use is the natural pipe clay. It can be found in drug stores, and even if it's very cheap, it's one of the best Acne solutions. Pipe clay can be used for a mild acne problem as a very efficient Acne treatment, from which you will see results in a matter of days, and sometimes just over night. Because of its appearance, pipe clay in Acne treatment is best to be used at night, or when you are indoors.
This Acne treatment can be used as a mask to cover the entire face when there is a vulgaris acne problem, or it can be used as one of the most efficient Acne solutions when random spots appear on the face. Other Acne solutions that are presented as a natural Acne treatment have pipe clay as their basic ingredient, and though these products have a slower effect than using pure pipe clay, such items give amazing results in a matter of days for curing acne. Furthermore, this Acne treatment is not only used for acne but also to reduce the scars caused by a sever acne case.
The pipe clay is most effective if it's applied after a cleaning process. This way, the acne heals a lot faster and leave minimum scar.
Acne solutions made out of pipe clay also have another benefic effect over the skin. Smokers usually have yellow brownish spots on their face due to nicotine. Using pipe clay can diminish those spots and reduce the risk of acne.
This Acne treatment is thus used for a variety of problems, presenting the best and most affordable solution to skin disorders.
Acne solutions that contain pipe clay are a lot more expensive than the natural pipe clay. This is found in small packages on the market and the costs for it are reduced only to purifying and packing. For derivate Acne solutions the price is higher due to the fact that it requires a lot of manufacturing processes, plus a more appealing package. But, in any circumstantial acne case, these Acne solutions are a lot cheaper than most products on the market today.


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