Friday, 26 August 2011

Acne Treatments That Work – Combinations

Do your outbreaks of acne return even when you have tried multiple products advertised in the market?Are you ready to get serious about acne treatments that work? Even though everyone's skin is different, dermatologists' can prescribe more than one type of solution for your acne problem, and there are solutions for every acne problem. Do you know what the top acne treatments that are available for acne treatment? Do you need the services of a dermatologist, and the best treatment for acne scars to reduce some acne scars that you already have? Then here are the solutions that you have been looking for.

Oil production
Treatments for acne problems come in many different forms.There are two categories for the treatment of acne, there are pore cleaners, and treatments that target oil and hormone production. Some very effective over the counter pore cleaners contain salicylic acid, benzyl peroxide, or a combination of both. They are even more effective if two or three products are rotated every couple of months to prevent a resistance to the treatment. If your acne problem is not responding to the pore cleaners, you will have to consider more aggressive methods.

Positive results

When pore cleaners are not getting the job done; antibiotics prescribed by a dermatologist may solve the problem. Topical creams or oral prescriptions provided by your dermatologist can include antibiotics to help cure your acne. Acne problems are cleared up very quickly when antibiotics are used along with the over the counter pore cleaners. While amoxicillin is widely used to treat acne; other new antibiotics that have shown great results in the treatment of acne are minocycline and doxycycline. Minocycline can be taken orally or mixed with a topical cream that is designed to effectively control the acne blemishes locally. When combating inflammation and infection medication, doxycycline is combined with anti-inflammatory medicine that has had very positive results in treatment of acne blemishes.

Isotretinoin and laser treatments

A laser peel, or Dermabrasion, is a preferred method of removing the scars left behind from acne. Severe cases of acne can cause scarring on your face, and when this is apparent to your dermatologist, he will probably prescribe Isotretinoin to prevent this from happening. Isotretinoin, or Accutain, treatment is an aggressive way to stop the production of oil in your skin. The root cause of severe acne is often the oil the skin produces, and Isotretinoin turns off the production of oil in the skin. This drug will limit the amount of oil buildup in your pores, and is usually taken with a tablet orally. The risks involved with Isotretinoin medication may include birth defects and aggressive behavioral problems. While doctors will claim that the side affects are rare, they are worth mentioning to people considering this treatment.

Acne treatments that work, might have to be determined by your dermatologist when all else has failed. If you do need the services of a dermatologist to control your acne, you may want to get the best treatment for acne scars that reduces or removes old scars. The most important thing for people to remember is that dermatologists can use top acne treatments available to combat any acne issue.


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