Friday, 26 August 2011

Banish Acne With the Help of Acne Treatment Reviews

The sheer number of available acne treatments out there can be really overwhelming. With a dizzying array of acne soaps, cleansers, wipes, ointments, gels, creams, pills, and supplements, it's quite hard to pick out which one actually works. How do you know which acne treatment works for you?
Pick the Right Treatment for Your Acne Type

Not everyone experiences acne the same way. Acne can be generally categorized into three major types: mild, moderate, and severe. Whiteheads and blackheads are considered mild acne, since they appear only as small bumps and do little damage to the skin. When these bumps swell and become red pimples, they progress to becoming your moderate acne. When your usual pimples and zits become even more infected and inflamed, they move on to becoming severe acne. Severe acne burrow deep in the skin and damage more skin tissue. They appear as hardened lesions or nodules which are painful to the touch. These can later develop into big pus-filled cysts as the infection becomes worse.
Acne can also appear in different places. Facial acne is easiest to spot and relatively easier to treat compared to back, neck, and body acne. The skin on the face is more sensitive, however, and scarring is more visible and traumatic. Skin type is another consideration when picking acne products. There are some products that cause dryness and should be avoided by people with dry skin. Moisturizer-packed products, on the other hand, are not advisable for oily skin types. These are just some of the major factors you have to consider, and you have to know these to help find out the right acne treatment for you.
The Benefits of Acne Treatment Reviews
With the baffling number acne products out there, it can be really hard to pick out the right acne treatment that works for you. There are still a lot of products to choose from even if you've narrowed down your pick according to your acne and skin type. This is where acne treatment reviews come in. Since these are written based on the first-hand experience of product users and acne sufferers, acne treatment reviews are a useful source of advice and information. Once you've eliminated certain products, it can make choosing easier.
Not all acne treatment reviews, however, should be regarded as gospel. You still have to keep in mind that a single acne product can work differently in different people. What should you look for in acne treatment reviews? First is consistency. If several people have described a product to have a certain effect, then this is more believable than a single glowing statement from a single reviewer. You'll also have to check if the one making the reviews can be trusted. Some reviewers review their own products or are just slandering a competitor's merchandise. When in doubt, you can always do a Google lookup of scientific studies done on a product to check if what they're saying is believable or not.
Just remember - acne treatment reviews serve only as guideposts to help you pick the right acne product. You still have to actually use the product, however, to test if it really works for you or not. This may be frustrating, but your experience (and reviews) can be of help to other people too.


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