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Zinc Acne Treatment That Gets Results

Zinc is a mineral and it is believed that it has curative properties on a skin where there are acne growths. It is believed that zinc can reduce the symptoms of acne. However on the other hand, many studies have indicated that this is not the case. So is there a connection between the two? Let us find out.

According to research carried out in recent years, zinc has the same properties of antibiotics such as tetracycline and it can fight the acne bacteria efficiently. And that too without the negative effects of antibiotics. Reportedly, zinc also enhances the immunity of the body.

I wanted to find out the truth and so I carried out experimentation for 7 long years. And after my research, I have been able to find out the zinc and acne connection.

So what is zinc and what is the zinc acne connection all about? How does the zinc acne treatment affect the sufferers and what is the best way to use this treatment to get relief from this terrible disease? And can the zinc acne treatment give permanent relief? This report discusses all these issues in detail.

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You will find traces of the zinc mineral in various food items such as mushrooms, soybeans, legumes, fish, sunflower seeds, egg yolks, soy lecithin and also in whole grains. Zinc is also present in many herbs such as dandelion, eyebright, cayenne, chamomile, mullein, nettle, milk thistle, alfalfa and in the burdock root. Zinc forms a part of insulin and can be found in the tissues.

There are many useful properties of zinc like providing the person with energy, prohibiting blindness, aiding the process of digestion by being a part of enzymes, supporting the reaction of more than 30 enzymes, strengthening the immunity, regulation of Vitamin E in the blood, helping the body absorb Vitamin A and B, speeding up the process of healing, regulating insulin, and it also fights bacteria. Zinc also present in estrogen, testosterone and growth hormone.

Yes, there are many utilities of zinc, but how does it help a person suffering from acne? To understand this, you will have to know the zinc acne connection.

What are the zinc and acne connection and the co-workers?

The causes of acne are all internal and they are imbalance in the level of hormones and build up toxic materials within the body. The hormones are responsible for producing oils, and the zinc can regulate the oil glands, and so if you can take them correctly (that is in the right quantity, quality and the correct essential fatty acids) you will be able to have some control over the level of hormones and this will ease the symptoms of your acne greatly.

Plus there are more benefits of the zinc for acne treatment. It helps absorb the Vitamin A, fights the bacteria that causes acne by strengthening the immunity, helps the body heal wounds and the zinc also has anti oxidant properties. All these are useful in tackling the secondary causes of acne and will help you reduce the symptoms of acne.

Another ability of zinc for acne is that it can regulate the production of hormones, which is a main reason why someone gets acne. However for this to happen, it needs to be taken in the correct quality and combination with essential fatty acids. This needs to be properly absorbed within the body and work together with some nutrients for the hormones to be balanced.

Here is something important that you will need to remember: zinc as an acne treatment may be effective, however take care not to mix it with some chemical substances, supplements and food items because they will make zinc less effective and its impact will go down by quite a bit.

So what are these inhibitors of zinc that does not let zinc function properly?

Zinc acne treatment: here are the various inhibitors

As mentioned above, there are some food items, supplements and conditions that can come in the way of the zinc being properly absorbed in the body. This may significantly reduce the impact of zinc on the acne.

So what are these inhibitors? Phytic acid that you will find in high level grains has been found to be one of them in recent studies. The acid can reduce the absorption by about 15%. And thus, those who are suffering from acne need to have fewer grains just about one to two servings a day. Grains may lead to mucus and acidity and taking them with zinc for acne can be a challenge.

Another zinc inhibitor is soy protein. If you are on the zinc for acne treatment, you need to take less soy as it can bind to minerals and lead to less zinc absorption.

Then there are other minerals like copper and inorganic iron. They also come in the way of zinc for acne bio-availability. However this issue can be solved easily, unless of course you are suffering from copper toxicity. Try not to take copper more than 2-3 mg a day and also do not take inorganic iron supplements.

Too much of physical exertion may lead to an increased demand by the body for zinc and thus, when you are exercising, you need to also take more zinc for acne treatment.

Strictly follow these rules to maximize the zinc acne treatment results:

1. Always take several nutrients like fatty acids, cod liver oil and coconut oil along with the zinc acne treatment as they will aid the establishment of the hormonal balance. You diet may not be enough and when this is the case, you will need supplements for these nutrients.

2. The food you are eating should not have zinc inhibitors such as excess copper and inorganic iron because this will come in the way of absorption. Also, if you engage in excessive physical activity, you need increase your intake of zinc.

3. Restrict the zinc intake daily to 100 mg; it is best taken with food. Remember, if you have more than that, it may lead to toxicity.

4. You will find zinc in many foods but it is basically a mineral and it is present in the same soil where cultivation takes place. And so the quality of the food depends greatly on how good or poor the soil is. Thus, getting your vegetables that have come from organic farming is always a good idea.

5. Food items often have little amounts of zinc in them and because of this, supplementation becomes necessary for the zinc acne treatment. Now there are basically 2 kinds of zinc supplements and they are Zinc gluconate and Zinc Monomethionine (Opti-Zinc). Zinc Monomethionine is better because it is more effective for the acne. It can also be better absorbed by the body.

6. Before you begin this line of treatment, always check for copper toxicity because if you have this, then the zinc cannot be absorbed properly. Ask for a blood test or muscle testing (Kinesiology). Caucasian people having brown nipples may indicate copper toxicity.

Zinc acne treatment offering a permanent solution to your acne problems.

Though it may help, but zinc alone cannot work wonders. This is because the acne did not occur from a deficiency in the level of zinc, but a lot of primary and secondary factors.

But this does not mean that the zinc acne treatment will not give you results. You need to just ensure that you are not encouraging any zinc inhibitors and that, you are taking it with the right nutrients in the correct quantity. Yes, the zinc acne treatment can control the level of hormone and reduce the symptoms of acne.

But the only surefire and permanent way to get rid of acne is by adopting the holistic path. Get rid of all the root causes of acne such as the toxicity in the blood and lymph and the hormonal imbalance and you can sure forget about acne. The zinc acne treatment and the holistic remedy can work together to create an environment that is unsuitable for the acne to flourish. And at last, you will be able to completely eradicate your acne worries.


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