Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Acne Treatment:An effective treatment for acne

Everybody knows how embarrassing acne is. There is variety of acne treatment options available; however it is tough to find out the best acne treatment. Few of the most famous treatment for acne options include natural acne treatment, hormonal therapy and bacterial treatments. Now, let us have look at the most usual types of acne treatments. The most famous method to treat acne is the utilization of a topical bactericidal.
These are hugely available and include a chemical named as benzoyl.Benzoyl peroxide dissolves keratin, which causes blocked skin pores. This medicine also aids you in preventing new breakouts from happening. Bactericidal are found in an ointment form. Ointments must be applied to affected area for two times everyday.
You should not overuse ointment since this can cause irritated skin. When you are one who wishes to attempt a natural acne treatment then you will be satisfied to know that there are many natural treatments are available, which helps in the acne treatment. Few of the most famous include Witch Hazel and Tea Tree oil. Tea Tree oil is produced from leaves of Australian shrub named Melaleuca. It leaves your skin tingling with fresh sensation. Witch hazel is the best natural astringent for using although you have sensitive skin. It is soft enough and will not strip your skin moisture. You are also able to attempt some other organic oils like Lavender and Bergamot that are organic drying agents.
For people, who have oily skin, they are able to make use of rosewood oil for lessening the sebum amount that skin produces. Hormonal treatment for acne is another tip to treat your acne. Balancing hormone levels lessens the frequency as well as intensity of outbreaks. Birth control pills frequently lessen acne because of the combination of controlled estrogen as well as progestogen. Finding the correct acne treatment product is a system of trial and error.
You are able to choose the best kind of acne treatment for yourself just by keeping in mind skin type as well as acne severity. When you are suffering from mild acne then you are able to make use of an acne wash and OTC medicine. When you are suffering from harsh acne then you must not go for any medicine by yourself rather you must consult a dermatologist for right acne treatment. Before you start any kind of acne treatment, you must keep in mild your earlier reaction to different medications, if any. Skin type plays a significant role in acne treatment. Cucumber works best for acne. The great process to make use of cucumber is to blend a peeled cucumber and apply it to your skin. After 10 minutes, you can clean your skin as well as apply egg whites on your face using a cotton ball. It works effectively since it is like an astringent. Acne treatments are often prescribed according to the skin type of a person. So, what are you waiting for? Go and choose the effective acne treatment.


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